Family law mediations can involve matters that take a special touch to work through to help resolve conflict and to address divorce, custody and other issues. We have the opportunity to offer a different approach.

The Offer.  

We are able to make a special offer to provide two mediators, Scott Howard and Gloria Howard, for the same price as one mediator.  Scott Howard is an attorney with experience in legal aspects of family law cases.  Though Gloria Howard is not an attorney, she has extensive experience in education, special education, learning disabilities and family dynamics and conflict resolution. Co-mediation with two mediators with different backgrounds may help your conflict resolution.

The Advantages.  

Using both mediators can provide the advantage of male and female, attorney and non-attorney and a varied background to tackle the issues of your dispute.  We will work together to provide a broader perspective to reach an amicable resolution so that the family can begin the process of moving forward on as constructive a path as can be created.  This is a tremendous advantage over resolving the conflict in public with the decision made by a judge, jury or arbitrator rather than the parties involved. This approach can reduce costs to the parties emotionally and financially. It provides the parties with greater control over the outcome. Because of confidentiality, this approach will limit access to the touchy issues of the dispute that can impact lives as you move forward with your life.

The Cost.  

Normally, this type of mediation should be scheduled for a full day, with the cost to be $1000 per party.  If a neutral location is required for this mediation, the location can be arranged with the actual cost of the location to be divided between the parties.  Lunch will be provided. If you believe that a half day will be sufficient, please discuss this with us, and the cost can be adjusted to $500 per party for a half day mediation, plus the cost of a neutral location, if one is needed. The cost can be adjusted depending on circumstances.  Feel free to contact us to discuss your situation, or to schedule a discussion or mediation.  We are available for this type of work in Austin, San Antonio, Waco, and the surrounding areas.