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You need resolution to your disputes.  Our goal is to do all in our power to assist you in bringing your conflict to an end.

AusTex Mediation offers cost effective, efficient dispute resolution services for matters in litigation involving businesses, insurers, individuals and governmental entities. We can mediate or provide other dispute resolution services in the offices of counsel, or a neutral site can be provided, if preferred. AusTex Mediation provides services primarily within 100 miles of Austin, but we have experience with litigated and mediated matters through virtually all of Texas.

Our focus is on personal injury and family law matters, but we have experience in most civil litigation.

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Assisting you to resolve your disputes.

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Extensive experience in litigation, appeals and problem solving.

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8 Thoughts about joint sessions

As an attorney, when I began to mediate cases for clients, we usually started mediation with a joint session.  Over the years, that has declined.  Now as a full-time mediator, I’m usually told by counsel that they do not want a joint session, and the joint session...

Dispute Resolution Quotes

Dispute Resolution Quotes

Conflict is drama, and how people deal with conflict shows you the kind of people they are.

– Stephen Moyer

Personal Injury and Mediation

Personal Injury and Mediation

Scott Howard has been a personal injury trial attorney for 40 years, and his expertise resulted in Board Certification in personal injury trial law, which he has maintained since 1994.  Much of his legal career has been as a defense attorney in personal injury cases,...