Judge Frank Evans


We sadly acknowledge the passing of Judge Frank G. Evans on November 9, 2019. Judge Evans was not only the inspiration for the founding of AusTex Mediation, he was a mentor and friend, and a brilliant mind. We miss him more than can be known. 

Judge Evans was widely regarded as the “father of alternative dispute resolution” in Texas. He was instrumental in developing the first appellate settlement conference program in Texas as well as the first juvenile justice peer mediation program in Texas elementary and middle schools. He served as a principal draftsman of the 1987 Texas alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures Act, which established a new state policy encouraging the voluntary and peaceable resolution of civil disputes and mandating that all Texas courts have the responsibility to carry out that statutory policy. He helped develop successful ADR programs in at least 15 Texas communities. Judge Evans helped educate international communities in the dispute resolution process.

Judge Evans served on the Texas First Court of Appeals in Houston from 1973 to 1991, including his service as Chief Justice from 1981 to 1991. Since that period, he dedicated his activities to dispute resolution processes, including participation in the development of a Managed Dispute Resolution Process, also known as the Evans ADR Process to assist in reducing costs and increasing efficiency and success in dispute resolution.